Hand Dyed Fabrics and Yarn

By Lisa Marie Hall

Dyeing never looked so good!

About Me

It all started when I was home sick with mumps and my Father bought me a small kit of felt shapes to cheer me up. I've been hooked on some form of fibre ever since.

I started knitting in my teens and then taught myself to crochet as well. I knit a few bad 1980's sweaters along with crocheting a granny square that kept growing. My friends joked that I was crocheting a house cozy. 

About 30 years ago I started quilting. It started with wedding presents for friends then eventually I joined a guild and started making the odd quilt for myself, while still making gifts for everyone else.

To help relieve stress at work I started crafting at lunch with friends. We dreamed of opening a craft shop, if we won the lottery of course. That translated to why can't we work and sell crafts on the side. My friends and I only do 2-3 local craft shows a Christmas season selling scarves, dishcloths, quilts etc. but it helps pay for our crafting habit.

My love of batiks had me curious about the dyeing process of fabric. Several classes by Elaine Quehl got me started dyeing my own fabric. Then I discovered ice dyeing thanks to  Cindy Lohbeck

Once I started dyeing fabric I decided that I needed to dye yarn as well. I started with some cotton and hemp yarn and then expanded to wool. I sometimes feel like a mad scientist in my laundry room mixing and measuring dyes. I love the results that I get, even mistakes end up inspiring new colour attempts.

Coming Soon

I had a wonderful reception at Fibre Fest in Almonte. Stay tuned I'll be taking pictures of all my stock and putting them for sale online in the near future.

Contact Lisa

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